Genestra Dtx-gen | 23925 | 200 ml Liquid

Genestra Dtx-gen | 23925 | 200 ml Liquid




23925 | 200 ml Liquid




  • Supports liver processes

Dtx-gen is a synergistic blend of phytotherapeutics geared towards the liver, kidneys, articulations, skin and mucosa. Dtx-gen helps to catabolize ureas and uric acids by increasing diuresis with corresponding urolytic actions on the renal and biliary spheres. On the hepatic sphere, Dtx-gen stimulates the Kupfferian cells and has a hypotryglyceridemic action. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and aids in remineralizing an acidic terrain and acts as an anti inflammatory and anti-allergic remedy to balance the immune system.

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