Genestra Bn-gen | 23890 | 15ml Liquid

Genestra Bn-gen 15 ml Liquid Canada





15 ml  |  Liquid  |  Phyto-Gen

Main Functional Support Rebuilds bone after fracture

Bn-gen tonifies, remineralizes and consolidates the ossification processes. This remedy’s phosphocalcific and osteoblastic properties enable speedy reparation of fractures either from traumatic injury or bone degenerative processes stemming from hormonal osteoporosis. Bn-gen’s regenerative and fortifying properties make it suitable for promoting healthy bone growth in both young and aging populations. Bn-gen is a remedy with a specific affinity for hip degeneration and fractures, joint pains and back aches while simultaneously keeping tendons and ligaments supple and tensile. Main Functional Support Rebuilds bone after fracture

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