Genestra Black Currant Bud | 23953-C | 15ml Liquid

Genestra Black Currant Bud | 15 ml Liquid | | Canada




Black Currant Bud

15 ml  |  Liquid  |  Phyto-Gen

Stimulates the catabolism of ureas, uric acids and cholesterol.

Black Currant originated in the Himalayas and the plains of Nepal. Its berries are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. It is considered as a universal drainer capable of cleansing the entire system. Black Currant has a direct adreno-cortico stimulating action to promote an increase in cortisone-like actions without the iatrogenic consequences. The increase in cortisol helps the immune system in warding and fighting off colds and flu, repeated childhood rhinopharyngitis and respiratory allergies. Primarily, the adreno-stimulant actions have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties that act on the mucosal membranes of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. Black Currant also stimulates the catabolism of ureas, uric acids and cholesterol.

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