Genestra Acn-gen | 23921 | 15ml Liquid

Genestra Acn-gen 15 ml Liquid Canada




Genestra Acn-gen

15 ml  |  Liquid  |  Phyto-Gen

A herbal formula with Elm, Juniper & Rosemary extract.

Acn-gen is a synergistic blend of Phyto-gens formulated specifically to treat acne on many different levels. Primarily, Acn-gen has a central action on the liver to help clear the hepatocytes of hormone synthesis and glandular organ functions with a secondary action on the intestinal mucous membranes. In addition, it helps liver and kidney function and acts by catabolising endogenous depositions from metabolic skin ailments and infections, aiding with redirecting its transfer from the level of the skin to the proper emunctories for elimination.

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