Bard 0102L16 | LUBRICATH® Tiemann Foley Catheter, 2-Way | 16 Fr

catheter supplies canada | Bard 0165SI14 Catheter BX/12 Infection Control 2-WAY Foley Catheter 14FR 5cc

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LUBRICATH® Tiemann Foley Catheter, 2-Way

Bard 0102L16  |  16 French  |  Balloon 5cc  |  12 per Box

Tiemann – Coude-tipped catheters are used to navigate the male urethra, particularly when a stricture is present. The Olive coude of this model features a slightly larger bulb at the tip to assist in negotiation of restrictions. Red latex offers additional stiffness that aids insertion and adds radiopacity. The 5cc balloon provides excellent seating in the bladder to minimize leakage and irritation to the trigone.

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