Salts CFP8 | Confidence® Comfort Paediatric with Flexifit® | Transparent 1 Piece Drainable Pouch | Flexfit | Cut-to-Fit | 8mm -40mm | Box of 30

salts argyle medical confidence comfort neonatal with flexifit




Confidence® Comfort Paediatric 1-Piece Drainable Pouch with Flexifit®

Salts CFP8 | Cut to fit, 8-40 mm | Box of 30

Confidence Comfort Neonatal with Flexifit is the perfect choice for tiny babies. It features a unique 6-sided Flexifit wafer designed to fit snugly to a baby’s natural contours and to wriggle just as much as they do. This can help reduce leaks and irritation.

To help protect baby’s delicate young skin, there’s a skin-friendly hydrocolloid and a silky pouch made from non-woven material that feels soft and gentle on little bodies.

There’s even an innovative closure system to make emptying and cleaning easier, while the choice of transparent or overlapping fabric makes application and monitoring quick and simple.

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