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Opti-Zinc™ 30

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90 Vegetarian Capsules

30 mg zing from zinc monomethionine 

  • Immune Function
  • Skin Support

Opti-Zinc 30 capsules supply zinc monomethionine, a patented organic compound that combines zinc and the amino acid methionine to increase the bioavailability of zinc. Human and animal studies show that zinc monomethionine, as supplied by Opti-Zinc 30, is absorbed and retained better than many other forms of zinc.
Zinc is an essential trace element involved in most major metabolic pathways. General signs of human zinc deficiency indicate that zinc has important functions in maintaining immune function, healthy skin and growth. Numerous studies support the fundamental role of zinc for normal immune response in humans. Immune cells must be able to rapidly divide in order to respond to daily challenges. Like all rapidly dividing cells, immune cells depend on adequate amounts of dietary zinc. Similarly, zinc is required to maintain healthy skin as a component of matrix metalloproteinases. These enzymes break down matrix proteins, including collagen and elastin, which helps in skin remodeling and repair.

Opti-Zinc 30 Ingredients

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