AS 861614 | AMSure® PVC Urethral Catheters | 14 Fr

AS 861614 | AMSure® PVC Urethral Catheters | InnerGood | Canada




AMSure® PVC Urethral Catheters

AS 861614  |  14  French  |  Length: 16″  |  Male  | Straight Tip  |  Vinly  |  Box of 50

AMSure® PVC Urethral Catheters provide a smooth surface firm enough for insertion yet soft enough to be slightly pliable. The urethral catheters are designed for short term use and available in various French sizes as well as female, pediatric and male lengths.

  • Staggered eyes help maintain tip strength during insertion and promote efficient drainage
  • Short term catheter use helps decrease infections 
  • PVC material eliminates latex allergy concerns
  • Available in Straight Tip or Coude Tip
  • Sterile, Latex Free and BPA Free
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